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This is where we highlight our latest updates and announcements to help keep you in the loop with exciting news and information from SPiNEWORKS.  Check our latest updates below.

Opening in Setia Alam!

We are excited to announce that in May 2024, we will be opening our new SPiNEWORKS chiropractic & posture studio in

Sunsuria FORUM Setia Alam. 

We are very excited to bring our 24 years of chiropractic expertise, experience, and posture restoration programs to the 

Setia Alam community. . 

More details coming soon!

Sunsuria Forum View 1.jpg

We Are Merging!

As we prepare to open our new chiropractic & posture studio in Sunsuria FORUM Setia Alam,

we are also excited to let you know that effective

01 July 2024, Nu Empire SOHO clinic will merge and combine with our Sunway GEO Avenue clinic!

Located just 3.5 km away and directly across from Sunway Medical Centre,  Sunway GEO Avenue offers a strategic location that is accessible by car, the BRT and the Canopy Walk from Sunway Pyramid, along with ample parking and easy access to our clinic too. .

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