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Senior Couple Doing Yoga


Congratulations on getting better! You worked hard to get here and you deserve to stay well. Our graduating clients LOVE this program!

At SPiNEWORKS, this is our favourite care program too, knowing that you are doing exactly what you want in life while keeping your spine and posture healthy along the way. Our wellness program is fun and interactive as well.


We also love catching up on what you have been doing!

Spinal Health & Body Wellness System

Our wellness programs were designed by you, our clients! Whether you wish to see us for an alignment check and an adjustment, an updated digital posture screening, or simply want to tell us the latest about you, we are here for you.


Our SPiNEWORKS spinal health & body wellness system is set up for either monthly or bi-monthly visits over the year... so go ahead! Take on that extra round of golf, run those few extra kms, or push the limits of your yoga or pilates sessions. We are here to help make sure you are on the right path all the way through. 

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