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Bold title, but if you suspect that your posture sucks, you are probably right. Posture is failing faster than the speed of advancing technology and it's affecting every generation living in your home right now. Taking better care of your posture is one of the best investments you can make for a life of improved health, movement,  performance, and confidence. 


Don't forget... it looks great too! 


Combining 40 years of clinical experience, this book is a game changer if you spend your days sitting for long hours and can't figure out how to reset your posture. Mindset Matters. Movement Matters. Posture Matters. These 3 fundamentals and our built-in Move to Improve program will have you changing your posture habits, improving your movement, and resetting your posture in just days. We've made the program easy to follow and time-friendly too, so all you need to do is get started.


Divided into four sections, this book will help you understand more about how to consistently power your posture and improve the way you move:

SECTION 1 – To fix your posture, you first need to understand your posture. We will highlight how your body works, your posture by design and why the simple idea of movement is essential for life.

SECTION 2 – We aim to get your mind in the game by prepping you with the knowledge you need to better understand why movement is of high value towards good posture. Each chapter wraps up with an easy review and a few bursts of healthy Posture Tips and Performance Hacks that you can put to use immediately to boost your body-battery energy and daily productivity potential.

SECTION 3 – Straight to the point, we provide you with the practical tools necessary to get the job done.

SECTION 4 - Introduces you to the Posture Pattern REBOOT System, 30 days to better Posture, Performance, and Prosperity. Designed to meet you exactly where you are, right now, this 30-day challenge will have you looking, moving and feeling better as you launch your potential for better health and a better life under your terms.


Guess What?... That's not all! 


Order your ebook copy of Your Posture Sucks! - from broken to better in 30 days today and get these exclusive bonuses FREE for a limited time only:


  • The 7-day Posture Detox: Your Guide to a better back includes a training schedule, accountability and a guided ebook

  • Downloadable PDFs of all Core 4 Posture Pattern Routines with more than 50 exercises

  • Complete e-book on How to Ergonomically Set Up Your Home and Work Offices for maximum success


Remember, bad posture isn't always your fault. Not doing something about it is! 


If your posture sucks... then it's time to fix it!


(Available in ebook and paperback right now)

eBook - YOUR POSTURE SUCKS! - from broken to better in 30 days

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