Woman with proper posture typing on laptop


At SPiNEWORKS, we take posture seriously! Our Chiropractors are also Certified Posture Neurologists, Certified Posture Experts, Certified Pediatric Posture Specialists, and Certified Ergonomists by the American Posture Institute (API, so we know posture! 

Posture REBOOT Program

Our Posture REBOOT Program is our 12-week structural restoration program designed with 3 essential components:

1) spinal realignment - bad posture means poor spinal alignment. This component focuses on unlocking the rigid and misaligned areas of the your posture and spine for better postural mobility and flexibility potential

2) postural rehabilitation - now that your spine and posture are moving better, you need to work on keeping the better posture patterns you have created with postural strengthening exercises. along with spinal alignment techniques from component 1, our Chiropractors guide you through specific exercises aimed at boosting weak core and postural stability muscles, while giving overused and dysfunctional muscles a chance to settle and resolve.

3) postural re-education - most importantly, you need to maintain the work efforts and changes you have made with your improved posture. Together, you and your Chiropractor will discuss ergonomic setups, lifestyle habits to figure out which posture lifestyle changes you should focus on  most. Not only to these help with your office space, but for your work-from-home ergonomic setup too. 

We also offer an additional 12-week Postural PERFORMANCE System designed to boost athletic performance for those that have completed the 12-week Posture REBOOT System.


If you can't make it to us, then bring us to you virtually! Posture REBOOT Programs are also available Virtually. Our posture protection programs can be personally tailored for you, your family, and even your work team. Schedule an appointment to experience first-hand how our experts assess and manage your posture!