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About Us

At SPiNEWORKS, our team is ready to make your experience towards improving your posture and spinal health a journey that will last you a lifetime. With more than 22 years of clinical practice in Malaysia, our Chiropractor specializes in DETECTING, CORRECTING, and PROTECTING your posture and spine so you can restore your spinal health and enjoy life your way. We are a family practice providing chiropractic care for all generations in your home. 

Our mission always begins with making sure you get it...where does your BACK PAIN come from? Why does it affect you this way? What are the best steps you can take to get better and be actively involved in staying posture healthy for life? 


We always take the time to listen & learn about you, what caused your back problems, and how well you have been managing your condition so far. We also spend all the time you need to educate you about your back, your specific problems, and how chiropractic at SPiNEWORKS plays a vital role in reaching your own personal health goals. 

Click here to learn more about our founder and Chiropractor, Barry Kluner.

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