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Neck Pain!

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Back Pain!

GOH C.K. - project manager

" Back pain has bothered me for so many years already, I can't even remember a time in my life without feeling it. I have seen many different types of qualified doctors. Some helped a bit, but there was always something not quite right. I was introduced to Dr Barry at Spineworks in 2019. He explained my problem in a way like nobody else did before and it all made sense. I was doing the wrong exercises, had developed bad habits and most importantly I didn't really know what was wrong with my back (other than it hurt). It comes down to the fact that Dr Barry has so much experience dealing with complex back pain problems and it shows. He was crystal clear in what could be done to make me improve and made it even more clear that I would need to do my part, especially improving my posture because my job is in a chair for so many hours. My life is different now. I feel so much better after starting his treatment and I visit him now every month to make sure I don't go back to the level of pain I had to live with before. Even during lockdowns, he kept in touch and offered free virtual calls to catch up on how I was doing. I highly recommend you see him if you have back pain, especially if you have not been able to manage it over a long time. He is the best! "

Bad Headaches

Evelyn T. - sales rep

 " I have been suffering for headaches since my pregnancy 5 years ago. My GP told me it was hormones and I just had to live with it. My mother and father have been seeing Dr Barry for many years to stay active and insisted I visit him because he knows about headaches too. When I met him, he told me that is one of the main reasons he became a chiro because it helped him cure his headaches. When he was finished with my tests and saw my xrays, he told me that my headache was not migraine headache and I have been treating the wrong type of headache, which is why it wasn't going away. He showed me that my neck is not in the right alignment and it was too straight because of my job>>  "

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